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Blender 3D and a lot of talent...

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Only a few key people and a lot of talent. Its amazing what can be done in Blender 3D now...

Yes it is very impressive.
I have never liked and mastered the Blender interface.
Which impresses me all the more.

Yeah I know what you mean SnooPI. Personally every time I looked up a YouTube tutorial I was confused to hell, nothing seemed to help me get used to the interface. Then I realised that the interface is rearrangable per Blender file and is saved with the project and this made each YouTube have a different interface!?! You can set a default interface in the options, so that any files that you load in Blender no longer rearrange the GUI each time you load them. This one stupid thing stopped me learning Blender, as it makes nearly all YouTube videos example files feel like Blender is a different program each time you run it. Its great for flexibility but very bad for beginners with tutorial files. This was my biggest stumbling block to getting started.  ;/

I think Blender has become the tool with the most pioneer content nowadays. It is starting to grow above the payed competition.

Kitty Hello:
Didn't they re-design the workflow to make it easier for begginers a few yeas ago?


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