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A wrapper for this good old 3D engine in directx.
It's not 3impact, but 3DRAD 6, with some tips that are not described in the documentation of 3impact.
In addition, something important for collisions.
If some are interested, I continue to work on it.

Interesting, another proof that GLB isn't restricted like some other tools and can be used beyond most popular libraries. This engine name sounded familiar, so I googled it and indeed, remember it from my 'VB6 era', but only briefly, TrueVision3d was looking more promising. Now it looks like they switched from standalone engine (3Impact) to some kind of game making tool (3DRad)? I’m curious does they have tutorial or something, as most of those engines ended in oblivion :D

Another thing, and don't get me wrong here, that's great job, this may be helpful for someone (specially if You will release source), but I would prefer to use some solution that would try to maintain cross-platform nature of GLB (just in case). New functions/update for 3d stuff in GLB would be awesome, but newer engines may be overwhelming to adapt into GLB. I'm looking forward for Your next project :p

btw. You can add more examples of usage, maybe something with physic, and launch in a window :)

Looks cool, very smooth too!  :good:

Damn my new computer cant start the app:
"unable to start correctly (0xc0150002)"

It is probably related to missing installed libs or MS c++ stuff on my system, but ones that don´t come as standard.

I had to disable one of my monitors(dual display) for it to work?


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