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Nice. First I had to install the Adobe Flash Player and restart Firefox and I could only access the Synth and Sampler but not the Vocoder and Sequencer.  :doubt:  The random presets are cool but it does seem too complex for it's needs, at least for games rather than a musician as there would be instrumental presets, and so a library of fixed preset would suit. It would be possible to play an actually melody or rhythm for an event, eg. pick up item. I suppose it would also be handy to get the sfxr data rather than the wav file export as to create the sound file in runtime. Ultimately, it's the sample and song data that only needed.  8) My experimental sfxr sequencer and tracker was something that I would like to redo to a simpler form, sort of like the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators.  ;)

That pocket operator, I´d really like to get the 3 of them. :)

Matchy that site isnt finished, he said he was still working on it.

Cool tool either way, and we can use those samples to create more elaborate sound sequences in glbasic using these wav samples.

In the case of standalone executable Helmos, sprites and wavs are initially produced runtime, so I prefer the sound data. That is point of using sfxr library in conjunction with other sfxr utilities.  ;)

I thought this saves files


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