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Improving Glbasic with GODOT Engine?¿

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Hi guys I'm learning bit a bit Godot Engine (very good engine) and a very good point it's free, have a Mit License, and I think any one can use the engine like he wants---modify or do anything with it.

I don't thinked to just this moment... but implement this with GLbasic?¿ (It's C++ and the compiler used it's Gcc) , it's very documented and the git-hub have all the C++ and headers (.h) for download.

Only I leave the "idea", I don't have skills (for now  =D) , but sometimes we spoken about put another engines in Glbasic, perhaps Godot can be a very good choice... and another good point, it's an engine just appears in the scene this January...

**Another idea perhaps is use Blender, I compiled Blender in Linux with CodeBlocks and it's really easy, in Windows it's a hell, see the code and do things whit it can't be complex for a C++ coder.

I say this only for advice , not for make pressure in the 3D GLbasic programming... ok?¿  :good:

The engine also can output to the major platforms GLB works, so it seems nice so far.

I´been trying Godot for just a few months and despite it is a good engine, is a little bit slow on mobile platforms. I mean, if you have a hig-end phone terminal/ tablet, it runs smoothly. But if you try some of its 3D features in a GPU Mali-400 family, it sucks. Sucks hard.

I´m looking now in the Lazarus ecosystem. Yep, it´s pascal and then glbasic incompatible, but still a few quite interesting things being done around.

I don't use Lazarus, I have installed in Ubuntu and really it's cool all the things can do.

Are you test Shiva3D, Bethlem, I think it's the better choice for don't use Unity, but really the Developers are a bit Slow, I bought the license more than 1 1/2 and today I'm waiting the version 2 , for Linux... Ok 1.9.2 it's totally working but don't runs on Wine.  :rant:  , in Virtual Machine or VmWare works fine if you don't share excesive memory to VideoCard , now Virtual and Vmware  leave put the amount of videomemory you wants... 1Gb VmWare and 256Mb Virtual Box... (using dual-Head)

Bethlem perhaps the slow speed in Godot was beacuse they used LUA for scripting... now they are using .GD based on python, they say now it's a lot of faster than when Godot uses LUA....



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