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You can create DIY conditional breakpoints (although not too smoothly):

Code (glbasic) Select
IF count < 0 OR x = -1
       DEBUG "Set breakpoint to this line."

Reference indexing would be useful if not painful to implement.
Actually?  Well I stand corrected  =D
When I last checked you could only get the 'first' finger using SETMOUSE etc on android....
Doesn't  'fn'+F9 (i.e 'fn' = "function") work?
When using FOREACH, "loop" will be a refence to an element of the array -  i.e. you use "loop.x" not "array[loop].x" in a "FOREACH loop IN array[]" loop.
Once you get the hang of things, the way blitz handled types almost seems restrictive  :good:
I recall having to install an unofficial OS on the Galaxy S '1' to run GLB apps, but since then samsung have released a gingerbread (2.3) update.  Are you using 2.3 or an earlier version of android?  and nvm if you haven't updated GLB and everything magically works with the latest version.
Not sure if this applies to yours but the Galaxy S has an option in settings to enable "USB debugging" which has to be on, and it has seemed to work without finding additional drivers.  EDIT:  Running '  "adb.exe" usb ' from the tools folder in the android sdk might help, if I'm not mistaken, otherwise google for the drivers...
QuoteThe result is that every value represents 2 phone positions rather than a unique phone position.
That's why there are 'GETJOYX()' and 'GETJOYZ()'  :good:
iOS, Android, Windows and Mac (AFAIK) work - haven't tried WinCE...
For tiling, just set the texture coordinates to be greater than the size of the image.  (If I remember correctly, this only works 'properly' with power of 2 image sizes, otherwise you get borders in between tiles.)  You can even have negative texture coordinates.
e.g. to tile an image across the screen  :good:
Code (glbasic) Select
CONSTANT Width = 800, Height = 600
   POLYVECTOR 0, 0, 0, 0
   POLYVECTOR Width, 0, Width, 0
   POLYVECTOR 0, Height, 0, Height
   POLYVECTOR Width, Height, Width, Height
... "essentially"...  :whistle:
The only alternative is to ignore the returned number... is that so bad?
SUB-routines are essentially that:
Code (glbasic) Select

SUB MySub:
     PRINT "...", 0, 0
You would have to modify '' (buried in the distribute folder) to return back key presses like other keys, and not immediately close the app.  I'm not sure if anyone had it working from that other thread, and using the soft keys like normal keys would be great...
If I've interpretted Gernot correctly, there might be problems if you put a SPRCOLL command within a STARTPOLY/ENDPOLY block.  As long as you haven't done that, it shouldn't matter how you draw them.  Regardless if you use POLYVECTORs or DRAWSPRITEs, the images themselves are stored in memory the same way.
Functions with return values need brackets (by convention at least), but it almost makes sense to have commands that don't return values specified without brackets.  It's BASIC, not C++  ;)