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Very interesting.
Thank you for this information Loftcat.
Welcome to you  :booze:

Not easy to answer without a snippet of the code  ;)
Try that: Enable vsync with the LIMITFPS function.
No problemo  =D

Quote from: erico on 2021-Nov-16
Just to let you know I´m interested into it too, if I haven´t said that before :D
:D  I don't remember  ;)

3D-snippets / Re: SGEngine
Quote from: bigsofty on 2021-Nov-17
Only had a quick look but it's very imressive work SnooPI! Nicely structured code, with lots of remarks.
The original Irrlicht wrapper was in this style, I kept it for clarity and to be able to understand it without difficulty even after years.
In addition, it saves me from having to write documentation ;) we understand perfectly the engine with only the examples.

Quote from: Qedo on 2021-Nov-17
this is a great job, congratulations SnooPI and thanks for sharing it
With pleasure  :booze:
Hope this engine will help to make quality 3D easily.

Thanks guys, I added 4 examples (from now on I would put "NEW" in the code for each new example).
3D-snippets / Re: SGEngine
With a lot of delay (for lack of motivation I admit it :-[) here is a new update for SGE  :booze:
I wanted to send it today but I just realized that I forgot an example with the GUI  ;/
So tomorrow probably.
Thank you for continuing to be interested in this project and your compliment, I have worked a lot on this engine and this demo this week  :good:

If you need a specific example let me know  ;)
Off Topic / Re: Steam Deck
 :D :D

Thanks for the info Dreamerman, it was long but very interesting  :good:
Although I don't like Blender's interface it's a very good news.

Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2021-Nov-12
(reminder to myself: always comment code. Code you wrote 5 years ago is code someone else might have written...)
:D I confirm!

Quote from: erico on 2021-Nov-11
I have a few ideas for 3d and the likes but it has been quite hard to get anything going.
If you need help don't hesitate  ;)

Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2021-Nov-12
Is there any way we can help you out?
Good idea :good:
Beta Tests / Re: SGEngine
New SGE Demo  :booze:
Probably a problem with #include <unistd.h>

Add it with the INLINE function at the start of your code.

But there will surely be another problem because the ZLIB has an API C.
Yes it is very impressive.
I have never liked and mastered the Blender interface.
Which impresses me all the more.
Yes, we are often lost with this kind of code, especially if they are poorly commented.
Recently I took one of my codes in this style and I didn't understand what I had coded  :D

Even if there are bugs it's really starting to take shape :good:
I didn't know these games thanks for the info Erico (the board game looks very original)

In fact for your system I was thinking of a 3D display like with the 3D NES emulator but in a voxel style:
One pixel = one 3D cube.
On 3 or 4 plans.
 :D :good:

As your TRS80 system uses very few pixels, I was wondering if it wouldn't be a good idea to make a 3D version for display?
A bit like that:

Maybe I could help you if you tell me what kind of 3D function you would need for this.