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Dark Schneider

Quote from: tatakamucher on 2012-Jan-12
I downloaded the last files from the post and don work  :blink:

A video with the error

What version of iPhone do you have?, maybe if is an iPhone 4 has the same problem than the iPad. Try with achievements instead leaderboards. As I said it has a problem of input focus loss on iPad with leaderboads, and maybe with the lastest iPhones is the same.

But is rare because running it on an iPad, but compiling in iPhone mode, works fine.

To solve, try diferent things (combinations) in leaderboardViewControllerDidFinish() function, lines:

[self.gcViewController dismissModalViewControllerAnimated:YES];
change YES to NO

[self.gcViewController.view.superview removeFromSuperview];
No much idea about the changes here, but is the other line that handles the leaderboard controller remove from view.
maybe can try:
[self.gcViewController.view removeFromSuperview];
without the last ".superview".
if we look at the achievementViewControllerDidFinish() function, it has two ways depending on device, but I think I tested it for leaderboards but it didn't work (not sure).

Try posible combinations until it works, if it works. And if you find the solution remember to post it here for everyone.

There are really many problems with leaderboards tables on 3rd party libraries, like GLBasic, Cocos2D, and others.


any changes on this?

I have tried and as you stated is working on iPad (iPhone Mode) but not on iPhone (ver 5.0.1)
I tried to change what you sugested but focus is still lost.
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