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Beta Tests / Re: Runner [Done]
« on: 2011-Feb-21 »
I have fixed the crash in 1.77 and rewrote the server communication to the Highscore Table.
It´s now working without any trouble... (hopefully)

There is a problem with VISTA and Windows7.
The Encryption doesnt work proberly.

The Bug Report you can read here:

Bug Reports / Re: Windows 7 Crash
« on: 2011-Feb-14 »
You are welcome  :)

Bug Reports / Windows 7 Crash
« on: 2011-Feb-14 »
Hello everyone, the cryption isnt working that way on a Windows 7 computer.

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
// --------------------------------- //
// Project: Crash
// Start: Monday, February 14, 2011
// IDE Version: 9.005

// SETCURRENTDIR("Media") // seperate media and binaries?

GLOBAL playername$ = "Nobody"
GLOBAL pass$ ="asdasdas"
GLOBAL score = "10000"
GLOBAL hex$ = "HFb3HZnS3HeFRnerun,"+playername$+","+score

msg$ = ENCRYPT$(pass$, hex$)


Announcements / Re: WEBCAM for WINDOWS
« on: 2010-Dec-25 »
Works for the second.

- Hauppauge TV-Card (320x480) Possible: RGB24, RGB32, YUY2, YVU9, UYVY, YV12, RGB 555 (16bit)
- Logitech Webcam (640x480) Possible: RGB24, l420
- Windows 7 (32bit)

Beta Tests / Re: PowFish
« on: 2010-Dec-21 »
I like the graphics very much! Wondering how you done that. :)
Gameplay i like too, have something similiar on my cellphone ^^

Beta Tests / Re: Runner [Done]
« on: 2010-Dec-17 »
It´s up in the showroom now.

Have fun! :)

Beta Tests / Re: Language & Country Selection
« on: 2010-Dec-08 »
Looks very interesting, i shall watch this :)

Beta Tests / Re: Runner [Done]
« on: 2010-Dec-08 »
If it really crashes, You must send (email) me the whole project and tell me what to do to make it crash. I hope I can reproduce that then.
Can´t get it to crash anymore. I try it again later.

Updated the Game, i think i wont make any changes anymore.  :good:
The game is done so far nobody finds a Bug i need to fix.  :S

Get the new update from the homepage. :)

Beta Tests / Re: Hello, people.
« on: 2010-Dec-04 »
Very sorry that a rate(speed) has not changed.

Quote from: com_1 on Yesterday at 03:00:24 pm

    Sorry "Gregory Atlas".

:blink: For what are you sorry?

For the fact that interrupted your topic.

I doubt that it bothered anyone here, everyone is welcome to post and can look for help here. :)
We are all helping eachother and it´s okay for everyone. :D

Beta Tests / Re: Runner [Done]
« on: 2010-Dec-04 »
That sounds like some sort of memory allocation/change problem - it seems that a program is modified in some way when run from the IDE, even without debug mode being on...

Is it something what can be fixed?

Beta Tests / Re: Hello, people.
« on: 2010-Dec-04 »
Sorry "Gregory Atlas".

:blink: For what are you sorry?

Beta Tests / Re: Runner [Done]
« on: 2010-Dec-03 »
In the help file it indicates that those functions are expecting integers, so that's strange.
Your 'sock_cl' variable was declared as integer right?
If so, then leaving the '%' if fine as you really don't need them after the variable is declared.
But, great debugging!

Wah, now it strikes me again.
I`m home right now, there it crashes, grrr  :rant:
Gonna check something.

Okay if i hit F5 in the glbasic and start the game from there without debug mode, its going to crash, if itype Nobody in the Highscore.
Interesting... but it works if i start the Runner.exe on its own (not starting with Glbasic) and typing Nobody in the Highscore.

Beta Tests / Re: Runner [Done]
« on: 2010-Dec-03 »
Fixed it... i hope.... found out what the problem was, i hope this is it.

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
rv% = SOCK_TCPSEND(sock_cl%, msg$)
Code: (glbasic) [Select]
rv% = SOCK_CLOSE(sock_cl%)
% <-- was the troublemaker it seems.

changed it to:
Code: (glbasic) [Select]
rv% = SOCK_TCPSEND(sock_cl, msg$)
Code: (glbasic) [Select]
rv% = SOCK_CLOSE(sock_cl)
I can type now Nobody without crashing.

Now i need to test it on a Windows XP Computer still.
It would be an irony if its not working there.

Beta Tests / Re: Runner [Done]
« on: 2010-Dec-03 »
First get better Kitty, relax. :)
The E-Mail i wrote you contained parts of this forum entry, i wonder why i didnt recieved an "error: e-mail wasnt sended" or something.

Beta Tests / Re: Runner [Done]
« on: 2010-Dec-03 »
That is odd - but if you find a bug in ENCRYPT$, let Gernot know :)
Already sended an E-Mail days ago. But he is busy i suppose :) lets just wait. As long the game works everything else is fine for me. Just something random i found out. My TODO List is getting smaller, soon i make a new update.

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