Minecraft think about rendering with Geometry-Shaders on version 1.9...

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What you guys think about it?
Is it a good way to get more Power ( FPS ) and nicer Shadersupport to make the game more fancy?!

I <3 DGArray's :D

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TBH I was kinda surprised a 2 billion dollar game is not using the best techniques possible! :P

Shaders are faster than a fixed function pipeline when it comes to most things but they do add an extra layer of complexity for the coder. Certain types of modern graphical techniques are simply not possible without them unfortunately.


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Ian Price

Shaders will also alienate a lot of older machines that could run the original game. Still that's never hurt M$ has it? The need for more powerful machines will drive people to purchase more M$ product...
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Minecraft does need more particles, haha =D
But man...im with ian on this...whats the point of a "graphically simple" game, if it cant be played on an older machine?

Second, I think the claim of more performance is misconstrued.
It will only be a true statement assuming no more particles and or other special effects are not added.
That way it would be noticable.

I give the idea  a "thumb down"
Bing ChatGpt is pretty smart :O