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Nice little free 3D Modeler

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Just found this...


Nice, but I'll stay with Silo. But for everyone who needs a animation solution or wants to do rendering:

Truespace 4 is available for $20 till Friday August 11th 2006

Kitty Hello:
Well.. Truespace is... uhm... Better try the demo before you buy.
Never seen misfitmodel before. Might look nice. The best freeware is Blender. Although it takes some time to get started...
Seen my tutorial video for animations with blender?

I like Silo but not very good at it.
I use MilkShape and FragMotion mainly (Game model orientated)
Blender is cool, but a little hard to get into.
Truespace, well, 1000...! icons :p

Ive not got a lot of patience for learning these big apps, Ive gotta be up and running in 2 days max or I move on... but thats just me.


To be honest: I just want Truespace because the rendering features are cool. I need an easy to set up rendering solution and no freeware raytracer can give me all I want.


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