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Kitty Hello:
Hi, the website got lots of critics from the first day on I made it. Now, I tried to change a bit, but it's far from being perfect. I am _not_ a webdesigner. Can you please give me some hints/tips how to improve it? Do you know any great reference sites?


You need to use a portal system like

It is easy (and quick) to maintain and supports a very large comunity with ease.

See ours in action at

Cheers Gernot,


Kitty Hello:
I wrote the site in php myself now. It's far more flexible, though it lacks some design features. I will sew the forum in neatly next.

Its very impressive Gernot but as the main developer of GLBasic, you should be spending your time doing code not web design (No offense intended).

So either, hire a web designer or get a pre-made package.

This first is more flexable, the 2nd is cheaper.

Keep up the good work,


I desingned a little logo for GLBasic when I had a spare 5 minutes.




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