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Producing commercial software (GLBasic) which compiles on commercial product (PSP), while circumventing official licensing is MOST DEFINITELY illegal. No question about it.

No console manufacturer will ever allow selling software for their platform without them being officially involved. And if you sold GLB for PSP you would be making money on their product, without giving them anything in return. They're not that dumb.  =D


--- Quote from: Ocean on 2009-Jul-07 ---
--- Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2009-Jul-07 ---I was under the impression that in order to test, run or produce homebrew, you need a modified device, which is illegal. Thus, I'd force people into a crime just providing such a compiler. I'll have to see if I'm wrong and if it's worth the trouble.

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at some point in time you have to decide how many platforms CAN be supported through all the new versions you're bound to release...   The number of platforms you're supporting is impressive already and with 7.0 you're adding the iPhone as well.
I'd  bet any additional platform will slow down compiler and library development, which is not in the best interest of your existing client base.


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Kitty Hello:
It depends on how much work it is to get the libraries and use existing code. The Wiz, e.g. was a pretty straightforward port of the XBox-Linux version, mainly. The iPhone was a lot of work due to the OpenGL|ES layer and a new sound system.
Usually I build a new platform just by setting some #define values for what to use as input/video/sound and so on...

But you're right, the more platforms the more problems I get. I try to keep V7 very stable first and then think about adding language features before touching a new platform. Especially when it's old as the PSP and NDS, which micht be outdated in a year or 2.

I think multiple supported platforms are the strongest point of GLB. At this moment, there is not a single game engine ON EARTH that has more platforms supported than GLBasic! OK, those platforms aren't exactly DirectX10 PC, PS3 or Xbox 360, but for a hobbyist engine it's mind-boggling!

More platforms are always welcome! As long as they don't break the functionality on older ones.

If you ever consider going on "BIG" commercial platforms, maybe there could be a separate "Professional" fork of GLB, that would allow development on "closed" platforms.

And before somebody goes - "but nobody wants BASIC on PS3!", I will say what I said before - the current gamedev market is desperately in need for simple 2D engine for commercial development. There is a huuuuge 2D hole on any platform but a PC, just waiting to be filled.

Native system GUI is an awesome feature even for game programmers (level editors etc.). Better file I/O would also be a benefit to everybody, or at least better documented file i/o.

But I think GLB should go through reality check when general programming is in question... I mean, now we're talking GLB vs. Java, .NET, Python, Ruby etc.
All those mentioned are already well established and FREE, most even Open Source solutions. I think that's a bit like fighting the windmills, especially since GLB kicks ass when compared to other game-specific languages.

I think GLB development must be oriented towards world domination in hobbyist game development. Even casual game development - only minus there is no DirectX on Windows, if you plan to publish on portals, since those guys detest OpenGL.  :sick:


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