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DAW for game music

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Some excellent suggestions but I may go a more comercial route.

Looking at Tacktion Waveform, Mixcraft or Reaper. Thinking of maybe using one for non-game music too but its too early to invest in the big boys(Cubase, Ableton etc.)  :S


--- Quote from: bigsofty on 2021-Aug-03 ---Is this the one you use Schranz0r?

--- End quote ---

No, i use Reason from Reason Studios (former Propellerhead).
But Fruityloops is also a nice place to start with. (Tons of tutorials!)

Thanks Schranz0r, I'd forgotten about Reason. I'm still working my way through the various demos. So far Mixcraft is nice, simple to pickup. Waveform is great but it's very buggy with 3rd party VSTs. Reaper is also great but the interface is a bit clunky. I will try FL and Reason next. I am slowly coming to the conclusion that there may not be such a thing as the perfect DAW, the one with the least amount of usability compromises may be the "best" at the end of the day. Still it's a bit of fun window shopping all the same.

I like this

LOVED Traktion Waveform but I tried a few VSTs and quite a lot didn't work(failed to initialise).  :'(


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