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DAW for game music

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Anyone here using a DAW for there music?

If so could you recommend one and give your reasons why?

I'm looking into it but my head is spinning with the different ones available.  :S

Take a look at LMMS.
Its free and like Fruity Loops.

I think it's a good way to start, and there is a 8-bit Synth in it :P

Is this the one you use Schranz0r?

Looks interesting, will check further.

im used flstudio, mostly with older version like version 11, because im is fan of block patteren and the newer version changed all shortcut. anyway you can download any older and newer version from thier homepage. so its not a problemo what version you ends using.

Recetnly im have do used Vortex Tracker 2.5 for doing various AY based music.

But there is various dac and no one is perfect. So its taste in mind.


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