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as some of you might notice as im have not been on the forum in a while (dispite im did do checks here and there).

The reasons is im currectly have various Spectrum Next projects with Rusty Pixels those time, so im have not code that much or could help. Currectly we trying to do Baggers in Space - Detour finished in time (most is done) and a Tyvarian 2 game, named "Tyvarian - To the Victor the Spoils".

For more info about those two projects is on the Kickstart update here:

Nice! Here I´m still working on that TRS-80 Color Fight game in BASIC, heck it is quite a project, but hopefully I get to make the pc port with GLBasic right after. :)
Let us know how your projects are on going! :)

Those rusty pixels projects is all done in Z80 Assembly. Im have source code for some of those game, as im of course is part of it. Im is not good to that, but im can uses that to design levels etc, which has been happens for both games.

And yes, im designed comply of levels for detour this time. Its fun to do. Lobo did actuelly did all graphics just in time. Awesome.

Lobo seens like Pet II C64 graphics and have done various art work only using the standard PETSCII font, even a game. And monster fighting game, that just looks great and speciel.

PETSCII is ace stuff. I have seen the monster fight game, superbly beautiful!
What about the BASIC on the NEXT? Ain´t it fast enough to do a game? (It does have commands for the extras, right?)

Yes, there is command for the extra Next features. There has been various nice basic games for it for sure. Shpeed is such a nice example, which was a game done in basic.

What you have here, we have 28mhz cpu, which is 8x faster than the original, and you have various access to sprites, hardware scrolling, tiles etc. Tiles is much much faster than bitmap (and can been used simulation for dual playfield effects). There was also a a RPG game recently, which as im have heard done in basic.....

Micheal Ware just like assembly.

Im do not have tried Next basic yet. There is some interface to been used on Windows as well.


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