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Hi, is there anyone that could take a bit of time to make a tutorial to make a game with GACK and compile it for Android, I've tried using this program but it's just confusing as there's no tutorials or documentation. Thanks :)


Kitty Hello

Did you not read the help file? Any volunteers to do a video tut? I'd buy that for a dollar.


i guess i got stucked with it...  =D

i already have collected a couple of clips and like i said in the other thread some tutorial projects are in the zip file.
yes, there is a doc along with gack, but even i needed a liitle time to understand how to work with it, thus i understand if someone
gets a little confused maybe. one thinks it's self explanatory, for the next it's a riddle.

one could also say, take your time and you will find out...

i can upload the clips already, i'm only not sure about how to use them, personally i would prefere a scripted tutorial and the clips should only show certain procedures.

i would like it that way, because you can refere easier to text as to a certain position in a clip.
video tutorials are good to show how, but if you like to know (only) a specific thing they get cumbersome.


yes, i would say it's easy as 1,2,3...  :whistle:
in hoc signo vinces



attached are some tutorial projects i made while i made the clips.
videos i have a few more, but i will have to cut & annotate them first.

but i expect a close look at the material should help already.

QuoteDraw a background, draw some sprites, give them paths and loops, shoot them...

true yes, but like any "tool" it's only as good as the one who works with it...

for the lazy ones i gathered a lot of sprites to a little archive (.png images), feel free to use it.
all contained material belongs to me and you can do with it what you like  8).

unfortunately it's a bit large, you will have to download it from my skydrive

the small difference  ;)

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a path can be a path and a animation can be simply some moving extremeties,
but it gets really cool if they work together  :booze:

the animation can be part of the enemy, his strength and weakness.
by simply defining a certain section of a "level boss" as "hitting zone" (eyes on a monster i.e.),
by use of the animation to let something vanish for a certain time (use that i.e. on the "hitting zone" of a boss),
by joining path and animation to a conjunct movement like in the clip below.


"how i made Cyrapi" (in general)

in hoc signo vinces


Great tutorials gernot66!