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Quote from: Bluepixel on 2019-Dec-11
@Ian Price
Thanks a lot! :nw:
I will soon be getting a WIZ and seeing if I can get this all to work, I am wondering however, is there anything I need to keep in mind
when compiling to the WIZ? Or is it just like creating a desktop application? O_O

This is the help for compiling for other platforms:

When compiling for Wiz or Caanoo, you must to know that the screen is 320x200 only and you must to use small amount of memory (48 MB). This includes images (sprites) and preloaded sounds effects. The buttons are managed like special keys. The touch screen is managed like the mouse.

You can use the button key codes here:

For compiling for Wiz, you must to use the red bucket button (build multiplatform) and select the platform. Then your GLB code will be compiled and a distribution folder will be created with the executable (.gpe) and the resources you must to copy to the console SD card. Then with the Wiz explorer you can to execute your own games and programs.

Happy coding