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This means that LOADFONT thinks that is a 256 chars font. At least we know the reasons of the garbled text. Thanks.
Thanks for the answers.

This is the font that not works, prints garbled blocks: smallfnt.png, I try to change de filename but is the same. I have another similar font that works ok, is the mediumfnt.png. I include the .glfont with .txt to include in the post.

[attachment deleted by admin]
Hello friends,
I'm with GLBasic since a few months and is an easy language, but I have some questions (doubts). I prefer to put in one post, instead create many separated posts.

1- When you declare a GLOBAL variable you can't access it from other file Ã,¿isn't it?
I have read that you can declare again in the other file, but I think this will be a different variable. Instead Types are shared and I have no problem.

2- Related with the first, sometimes you think that you are using a global variable in another file,
but you are using a new variable autodeclared when are used. This make me crazy.
Ã,¿Are any comand or option to force to declare variables before are used, like "Option Explicit" in Visual Basic?

3- Sometimes I load a font with LOADFONT and not shows nothing in PRINT, I use SETFONT and SHOWSCREEN too. With other fonts works ok. All fonts are created with the DingsFont tool.

Ã,¿Is possible to save the position of the Utility window (Jumps/Files/Web/Debug) to put on the left when the IDE is open? I use Visual Studio and Codeblocks and I'll like to put on the left, but appears always on the right in a new session.
I agree with FutureCow. The judges is the right option, they can be 3 or more. Polling can be prone to errors with clone users or friends.
I'm sorry because my entry is a bit poor. I'm a beginner in this language and I didn't have much free time, but I'm working to release a better version after the contest. The games are very fun and they put a lot of work on it. Good luck and thanks to all contestants. :)