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  I haven't heard if the 3D functions of GlBasic will be usable on IPhone. I figure they will be.

  Also, wasn't there some type of scripting language available for GlBasic, one with an OOP syntax. The language BriskVM 2 is usable in C/C++ so I'm figuring it and any other C compatible software are possibilities for GlBasic. (Lua and Python?) Thanks for any info.


Apparently 3D will be availiable.

There is talk of LUA in one of the other forums, so it might be worth looking there.


BriskVM is almost exactly like GLBasic actually, where C is the mother language, and syntax is almost interchangable.

A scripting language is rather easy to make, I designed one for MIDI music development, you can experience this program, which i uploaded to the showroom; called "GLMidi". The syntax is strict, and the program does a brief scan for errors, and compiles the .MID, if "all good".

Also, I created my own syntax for an OOP style input system for building an internal debugger for my particle system. It works in such a way that you just give it text to print, with color, it handles all the lines and spacing automatically according to the font X Y, and screen X Y. With an option to "Reset" the line #.

If im not mistaking, someone else did a scripting language in another way, but i forgot what, and where it is in these forums, sorry....check in the codesnippets sections of the forums.

OOP is more of a way of thinking, as opposed to being a true programming language.
With GLBasic, the concept is yours for the taking!
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Thank you kindly. The reason I'm even considering OOP is because I'm about to leave 2D behind except for prototyping Atari 2600 games. I'm real good at 3D modelling and recently found out, after so many years, I can texture too. The IPhone option came about at the right time so I'm settled. I just worry about all the 3D thingamabobs all over the place without some type of object management. LUA sounds very interesting. Thanks.


Have you played around with the entity system?

You can find the thread here: http://www.glbasic.com/forum/index.php?board=29.0
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Seems like the entity system hasn't been updated in months. Is this project still going? Looks great for 3D.


The entity system works great for what small things I have been doing, documentation isn't overly big though but it's enough to get started at least :-)


Right, the Esystem needs to molded to suit your needs.

Sometime in the next couple months, ill be done implementing the first version of my 3d particle system.
Gernot said, this system will be sufficient enough to support the 3dPS, so itll be something i look deeper into when the time comes.

Bing ChatGpt is pretty smart :O