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Is Number Entered a whole number or not?

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My brains gone to sleep today.
User enters a number at the keyboard. Its  a real number. Say 10.2 or 10.6 or 10.8 or 11.4 - How do I reject any input that isn't a whole exact number?
I am trying to use FMOD but my formula must be dodgy..


With the INTEGER() command.
Do you need to round it to the closest integer or just get rid of the decimals?

edit: oh you mean not to accept the number at all if it is not an integer?

I am writing a calculator for doing the change machine at work..

What I am doing is asking the user how many 20p coins they have.
They enter say 6
This makes 0.20 x 6 = 1.20
I want to reject that input and get them to re-enter it. (The machine should always hold an exact not a fractional part of a pound in coins)
valid inputs would be a number of twenty pence coins that come to an exact pound.
A total amount of coins that comes to 1.20 or 1.40 or 1.60 or 1.8 are all invalid.

I know the solution is integer related but my brain has failed me today..

This isn't working properly:

IF INTEGER((TwentyPences*0.20)-INTEGER(TwentyPences*0.20)) <> 0 // If  we have a non exact amount here eg 79.80 instead of 80.00 pounds for example.

Well its working perfectly in fact - just not giving the the results I need lol!

hmm, that example should work I guess?
But I had my share on integer alien outcomes and am not that good in math at all.

Let´s say, don´t calculate inside the integer command brackets. Can you give that exact idea a try but with variables outside?

Silly me - I was over thinking the problem..

Since I took input in 20pences and 5 make a pound, I just had to look at the modulus after dividing by 5 for my answer...

IF MOD(TwentyPences,5) <> 0 // If remainder of dividing by 5 is not zero, we have a non exact amount here eg 79.80 instead of 80.00 pounds for example.


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