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Signed up for National Game Development Month. Wanna join in? Done so already?

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I signed up for National Game Development Month. Here is my page:

Anyone else doing this or want to give it a try? Just two days left before it starts.  :O

The site is down at the moment. :(

This sounds like a great idea, and distraction!
I'm in a slump with my maze game, getting to the finishing stages is so boring!

Here's my entry:

AH! How do you edit your entry!  Ha, skipped the word 'awhile' after 'in my head for'!  Now I look stupid!
Now I'll probably loose . . . wait, everybody wins?!  (who finishes their game that is!)
A really long Ludemdare contest, great idea!

We should get GLBasic added to their '2D (and/or 3D) Game Engine' section on their resources page:

Cool! :good: So glad you're in. I'll follow your progress feed if its feed-able. If not I'll just click the link.

Wish I could edit my entry too. I think this is the first year this has been done, which might explain why the website feels so alpha.  ;/

BTW I think its 'a while' rather than 'awhile' after 'in my head for'. Awhile is an adverb.

I did set up a Twitter account, and I may use that too.
I have never sent a tweet yet, so this will be a good time to start!

I'm too lazy to learn a proper web site editor, or to figure out a new blogging template thingy.
So, I'll just be using straight HTML via a text editor for my blogging, nothing fancy.

A day before the 'contest' starts, and I was entry 177, so it doesn't sound that popular.
To me it's a great opportunity to start something new, and kick start my juices again.

Ha, I wrote 'a while' first, then removed the space, and it was a valid word too.
I hate the English language!  Usually I'm good at picking the correct word, but once in a while (or awhile? ha) I get it wrong.  What's worse: skipping a word, or writing the wrong word? ha

Looking forward to see what you come up with.  (Oops, ended that sentence with a preposition)


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