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I loved my SNES.  Wish now I hadn't gotten rid of it.  Mind you it went to a good home I think.  Honestly I think there were more memorable games on the SNES than there are on the Wii right now, although I still love my little white toaster.

Look forward to seeing what people do with this one.  Great idea for a competition. :)

Kitty Hello:
Doesn't the Wii shop come with an SNES emulator, too?

I got the C64 emulator with California Games, and BubbleBobble arcade for the Wii and they both still rock harder than any of my (mostly bargain) Wii games. The only game we actually really play is WiiPlay. For X-Mas I'll get the kids WiiMusic.

I also got the SuperMarioBros. NES on the Wii. Still one of the best J&R level designs.
Also, Kickle and Adventures of Lolo are great puzzle games.
Ice Climber is classic! There was a knit-machine for the NES, and they had the first dance mats
I never liked Excitebike, but the remake "Joe Danger" makes me weep for not having an X-Box.

BTW: Who'd have thought in '95 that Sonic can be played on a Nintendo machine...

Yup it does and I've splashed out on a few of the old SNES games, just that they haven't got all the ones I liked on there yet. :)

Actually I'd like to see them release more emulated games per month than they currently do.  I realise there's a bunch of things they probably have to organise before they release one, but they seem to be releasing them at far too slow a rate considering how large the combined NES, SNES and SEGA catalog is.

PS I grabbed Bubble Bobble too.  I used to complete the arcade version with my best friend.  We've also completed it on several 8-bit computers as well as the Atari ST.  One of our all-time favourite games.

Bubble Bobble <3  have it on my C64 :D

I would love to try this. Count me in.

I also play more Virtual Console than regular Wii games. Old school just rocks, and it's more satisfying in short bursts.

But man, are those games hard! I'm trying to play Mach Rider and I get my ass kicked all over the place!  :P
And I actually finished that game on my NES back in '89. I'm getting old and slow.  :help:

Some technical questions:
What exactly is considered a remake? Same gameplay with newer graphics? Same graphics with different gameplay? Or am I free to interpret that myself?


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