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Hi folks,

for those who do not know what a NES or a SNES is:

In the german forum we´ve started a competition in creating a NES/SNES game remake.
Of course you´re also invited to write a nice remake. :)

The Rules are:

- It must be a remake of an original NES/SNES game
- The game must have at least 3 levels
- All graphics must be self-made
- the sounds must be 100% free or created by yourself
- It´s your decision to use 2D and/or 3D graphics
- The game should be written completely new (don´t use old functions or other code-lines ;))

Closing date is: 10/31/2010

As a price i only can offer my respect and you could learn something :)

Who agrees... Happy Coding and have fun!
(if you want to participate, please write it down here and i will add you to the list)



- Backslider
- Schranz0r
- BumbleBee
- matchy
- Ian Price
- Ragaril
- doimus
- Sokurah

 :booze: i do NES remake :D

I want to participate.  :)

Ian Price:
I'd like to participate too :)

This is a great idea. I'm squashed by all sorts of commitments but I'd love to give it a go anyway.

I want to participate.


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