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Bug Reports / bug poker glbasic new gp2x
« on: 2008-Aug-21 »
Good morning.
Kyutae Hwang GPH contacted me to raise my game poker on the next console gp2x.
the game does not work on a future console. (mmuhack.o?)!.
I post the latest emails received.
thank you for your help.
Bonjour Marc,
Merci beaucoup for your cooperation.
Attached herewith is a file of renewed graphic of Poker2X.
I hope you like it.
To run SDL based games on new version Handheld ,
you should get rid of Static- binaries (if any, related with hardware spec)
So you had better package Poker2X  in two ways:
one with static binaries ( for F100/F200)
The other without static binaries (for new version Handheld)
I hope you will not be confused.
If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to let me know.
Kyutae Hwang


Bonjour Marc,
Comment allez vous?
Voulez vous let me know your phone number for UPS courier to reach you?
Main production of the new version GP2X shall begin around mid September.
Our engineers are busy killing bugs and so on.
I'll make sure to send you a sample unit of new handheld from the first batch of production.
By the way, how is packaging of renewed graphic images coming along?
I think and hope GLBasic will work on the new platform as well as F100/F200.
Kyutae Hwang


Bonjour Marc,
I guess you are enjoying summer vacation now.
When we executed Poker2X game on the new Handheld, following error message appears.
Using mmuhack.o
No module found in object

insmod: cannot insert `mmuhack.o': Invalid module format (-1): Exec format error

MMU hack failed

Got /dev/mem at 0x3

Got blitter at: 0x422bb000


Your opinion or suggestion shall be highly appreciated.

(For your reference, new Fenix runtime shall be available early next week)




Kyutae Hwang


Bug Reports / gp2x flickers on
« on: 2008-May-15 »
I noticed some strange random flickers on gp2x  screen very unpleasant.  =(

thank's in advance to fix this bug


Announcements / PucKmAn Win + Gp2x
« on: 2008-May-11 »

pacman game Glbasic win32 fullscreen 1024x768 60hz

30 lvl , multi bonus speed 


gp2x F100/F200 game with touchscreen support.

well have fun  =D

Announcements / PokerGp2X
« on: 2008-Apr-25 »
PokerGp2x is a casino style Poker game with touchscreen support.

This game supports both the F100 and F200 version. The game was programmed using GLBasic by Marcus.Zone.



I'm bein amused to create this little poker game on gp2x with glbasic.
regrete I have encountered some kinds of problem with wav sound, as well as problems of screen flashing .


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