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Hello GLBASIC community,I just want to invite you to try my 8080 Arcade Emulator and see my my new app for iOS and Android DEFENDER 1

  :nw: Dankeschön !!!! for the new Beta V11.559 and for your hard work. I downloaded and compiled one of  my games, Brick Buster ,  on Windows XP , it works fine but I have to test it further , so far so good.

today I will generate iOS and WebOS and let you know the results.
This discussion is healthy but I still insist in having some visibility of what is coming and when?
I called road Map, because that is what I use for product development including software.

spacefractal gave the idea of  open source were more people could collaborate in testing, fixing bug and developing
new features. I think this is a great idea.

I would like to hear from Gernot him self what he thinks of the above ideas.
Very nice!

Are you using sprite or polyvectors?

I agree, so perhaps there are 2 road maps, one for fixing existing issues and another for the new features.

Gernot and GLBasic developer team,

What are the plans for the future of GLBasic?

Last year you presented some screen shots about the new GUI of what could be the new GLBasic IDE (Integrated Development Environment).
Since that time things happened (hard disk crash) that had delayed or changed the enhancement of this great development tool.

I would like to know if you can publish a road map, a list of features that we can look for.

I have been analyzing other development platforms Shiva, Corona, Monkey and Unity, I like Unity but the cost does not justify the investment.
I am studding a lot and I am building my own physics library, so having the road map I can plan better the time I am investing on GLB.

Thank you,
Thank you
Thank you for the info,  I just purchased 2 books:

  • Programming CookBook IV - GLBasic Routines
  • Programming Cookbook
Is it possible to have optional parameters in FUNCTIONS?

For instance in the example below z may be optional.

Code (glbasic) Select
FUNCTION object: x, y, z (as optional)
Thank you spicypixel and erico,

For float I did this:

Code (glbasic) Select
LOCAL r# = (RND(20)*0.1)-1 // Genereates random numbers from -0.9 to 0.9
This sounds silly but how can I usee the RND function to generate a random number between -1 and 1? Instead of 0-1?
Nice to know about your books.

I have a question does the Programming CookBook IV includes all the material of I , II and III?

Also where can I see the table of contents of you book or some excerpt of them?

Thank you! :nw:
It works very nice and now I don't have to rely on GLOBAL variables!

The GLBasic documentation is not up to date and if you read it it doesn't tells you how to return TYPES. I thought the same way that OCEAN said
QuotePosted by: Ocean
« on: Today at 10:48 am » Insert Quote
do you really need to return 'v1', as such objects are passed by reference anyway?
It took me a while to find out that I could do classes using TYPES and functions inside TYPES.
More over I did not know the existence of self. inside a Function and neither that we could declare the return type on the function signature like you did.
QuoteFUNCTION subv2 AS TObject:

This definitely will help me to use the inheritance and make my code cleaner.

I can contribute and help the GLBasic team updating for instance the documentation on the TYPE topic.

Let me know if you do.
I am trying to return a type from a function inside the Type, I am getting this error:
Quote*** Configuration: WIN32 ***
GPC - GLBasic Precompiler V.9.829 SN:b4f5b7db - 3D, NET
"Vectors1-10.gbas"(207) error : wrong argument type :

The compiler points to the last line in the code saying the error is there.

I get this error on both GLB and V11.
Searching the forum I found this post from Slydog that say we can return a type,
here is my code.

Code (glbasic) Select

This is what I trying to accoumplish, the code below is in JAVASCRIPT
Code (glbasic) Select
PVector mouse = new PVector(mouseX,mouseY);
PVector dir = PVector.sub(mouse,location);

I am using the Type as a class.
Code (glbasic) Select
TYPE TObject
FUNCTION set: x, y
self.x = x
self.y = y
FUNCTION add: v AS TObject
    self.x = self.x + v.x
    self.y = self.y + v.y
    FUNCTION subv: v AS TObject
    self.x = self.x - v.x
    self.y = self.y - v.y
    FUNCTION subv2: v1 AS TObject, v2 AS TObject
    v1.x = v1.x - v2.x
    v1.y = v1.y - v2.y


Take a llok at this code, he is using a particle like system with STARTPOLY