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Kitty Hello

Name : Gaming Apps Construction Kit
Genere : Games/Arcade (Game Maker)
Cost : $4.99
Languages : English, German

G.A.C.K. (gaming app construction kit) is an App where you create games without any programming knowledge. Ranging from shoot-em up games to jump&run games - it's all possible. And all this is done with an easy to use touch-user interface. This is where developing is the real fun.

The dream of your own game has come into reach. Best of all, the interface is as easy to use as building with LEGO(c). Thus, even the kids can independently tinker on games.

With this full version you can convert your games into real Apps and sell them on the iOS, WebOS and Android markets!

-Needs a 1024x768 screen, at least
-Multitouch support required


Im not reposting the above just to announce ....


For a limited time only , 50% off ;)


Cost: 1.40€

Do you like Digital Photo Frames?

Your device has some native applications that will display photos as a Digital Photo Frame (DPF), but they are very limited.

With DPF you can display all your photos in a very convenient way, randomly; but if you like one of a set, you can browse the photos easily with just a touch on the screen. DPF will find your photos in the main memory (/photos), camera and Facebook (FB not yet on webos2).

We are so excited about our new app that we can not wait to share it with you anymore.

Download it while it is in promotion price (it will be more expensive later!), and you will get new updates with the upcoming options, as Flickr, Albums management (1st version yet working!) and everything you can think!

Easy start! Just launch and your photos will be displayed with fade, pan and movement; a date&time clock, random order, device tilt, navigate with finger touch... and exhibition compatible.

With the option menu you can change display time, order, clock&date format...

Use the Photo Manager (v1) menu to select your photo's folder. That's all.

It is recomended to downscale your photos to 1024x768 pixels. They will take less space and memory and will load faster. And almost no quality losses.

Upcoming: FlickR and Picassa, pinch for Zoom, music, weather, albums...

Please, copy your photos as separate folders inside /photos folder so they will be used as albums in next versions. So, you should have a directory structure like this on your device:

   /Christmas 2010/
   /Summer 2011

Ideas? Problems? Email us! If you experience any problems, especially in folder accesing, we will be greatly plased if you contact us for further testing.


Name: PowFish
Genre: Casual/Match Puzzle
Cost: Free or $1
Languages: English

Addictive Puzzle Game - Fast and Fun - Several Game Modes

Link sea creatures of the same kind. A balance of speed and cunning will keep you winning at this game.

The aim of PowFish is to connect four or more matching sea creatures by moving them adjacent to each other. They can be in any combination. If you get stuck you can use one of your available 'swaps' by double-tapping a creature to change it to its opposite color. The higher the final combination you make the higher the score. Additional swaps are awarded for skilled play and bonus power-ups will help you along.

There are four different game modes and several challenges to keep you entertained. PowFish is easy to start but hard to master.

Link to PowFish for Android.

Kitty Hello

Name: Froggled Math
Genere: Educational Game
Cost: $2.99
Languages: English

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Free, normal 0.99$ (50 images) and PLUS 1.99$ (200 images)

Free SD:
Free HD:

Normal SD:
Normal HD:


Don't miss DOTS AND LINES game, you childs will love it... and you!

The classic "Connect the Dots" ABC/123 game revamped with new game modes, fun, minigames, entertainment and a ton of pictures.

It is shipped with 50 images in the normal version and 200 with the PLUS one, so your kids will be entertained forever! (Demo has only 10 images!)

Your children will have great fun with the nice drawings to play with.

Also, we have 3 different game modes to connect the dots, and 3 difficulty settings (very easy, easy and normal)

The words and numbers can be spoken in english or spanish, so your kids will learn ABC while they play.

What's more, after each drawing, a little mini game is shown, making the fun greater!

Ideal for entertaining the children while driving, travelling or while you are cooking.


3D Object Speed Tester

Genre: Productivity(!)
Cost: Free
Languages: English

This is the 3D version of my speed testing routine allowing you to see the frames per second for a given number of objects with a given number of surfaces.  Things like lighting, fog and FOV can be tweeked.

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I've just released my first Android game "JoeTheAlien"

Joe The Alien is an awesome 2.5D platformer!
It offers hilarious gameplay with a lot of game elements. From bouncy mushrooms to ladybugs is everything included.
- Impressive jump behaviour!
- Huge maps
- Cutting edge gameplay.
- Nice 3D graphics
- Not in 4D!
- No dye and preservative in it!
- Ladybugs
- Mushrooms!
- Spikes
- Have I already mentioned the awesome graphics?
- Epic story!
- And much more!

Download here:
That's no Bug, that's my project!


Name of Application : Particle Editor
Genre : Particle creation
Cost : FREE
File size : 9.17Mb

Create and modify values to form your own particle displays; load in the default files to create fire and bubbles.  Choose a background from my own library (as well as freely available ones).

Save the output for use in your own programs!

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Name : Q*Boyd
Genre : Games/Brain and Puzzle
Cost : £1.50
Languages : English

A remake of the classic Q*Bert

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Name : Adaman
Genre : Games/Cards & Casino
Cost : FREE
Languages : English
Play store link: here

A version of the solitaire card game "Adaman" that is played using the Decktet, an alternative deck of cards where many cards have two or more suits.

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Name: Snake Slider and Snake Slider Lite
Genere: Games, puzzle solving
Cost : €0,80 and free
Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Hungarian, Polish, Czech

Snake Slider -
Snake Slider Lite -

With my new Android device, the new GLBasic v11 and some spare time during the holidays, I finally got around to creating a proper Android version. The Lite version was already available but it had some issues. These are now fixed so I also released the full version.


Name : Bubble Pop Memory
Genre : Brain & Puzzle
Cost : € 0,82
Languages : English
Play store link

Hi, here comes my first finished GLBasic game:

Bubble Pop Memory is a addictive and fun game with retro style graphics and music!
This game is suits both children and adults!
Find all the matching pairs of cards.

I am currently working in Bubble Pop

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Kitty Hello

Name: HomeDryer
Genere : Weather - although it's not really that
Cost: EUR 0.99
Languages : English, German

After the flood, you have to get the water out of the basement as quick as Speedy Gonzales. Expensive dryers are a good choice. Opening the windows another choice. But there's a threat of getting even more water into the house with this cheap method.

My app helps you finding the answer to "Window open or windows shut?"