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--- Quote from: bigsofty on 2020-Nov-11 ---Very smooth, looks great too!  :good:

--- End quote ---
:good: I compiled the library to be as optimized as possible (that's also why it's so big, optimizations take more space).
I put a version with the FPS display.

--- Quote from: Schranz0r on 2020-Nov-11 ---There is no code, so it's not a snippet. :)
Thats why i moved it.

--- End quote ---
2 mins, I'm doing the examples and the physics engine, it takes a little while  :P (maybe I would do the physics engine later if I see it's too long).
But I understand, no problem  ;)

Hi guys,

Currently Linux is not installed on my computer, if I provide LIB and DLL for Linux, could someone test me the demos on their installed version of Linux (not on a virtual PC) ?

Well, apparently nobody cares about helping me with my engine.
Too bad, I was motivated ...

Another project maybe  ;)

 <3 GLBasic

I would have gladly helped you also because the project is interesting but I have linux installed only on virtualbox ....

Thanks for your interest Qedo  :booze:

I'm continuing this project but I'm just going to take my time, it will allow me to do many examples and integrate a physics engine.
Plus I have work to finish before Christmas (I'm very late  :()

By the way, were you able to solve your problems with HTML5?
If you need any help please don't hesitate to ask me, maybe I can help you.


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