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For the moment I have abandoned Html5 waiting for possible updates. For now, if I need to, I'll use v15.
Right now I'm trying to finish my first game, but I see it tough.
Anyway thanks for the help SnooPI. :good:
I look forward to seeing you finish SGEngine because I see great potential.  :booze:

Hi SnooPI

Unfortunatley i cannot help you because i also have no linux. But I am anyway interested on your project.
I am working on a dungeon crawler project and it is already running fin with native GLBasic 3D. But maby with Irrlicht i could improve light-settings.

Here a picture of the editor

For a simple dungeon crawler, I don't think so (although you're going to have a problem with 3D sound).
If you want to do a Doom/Quake style dungeon crawler yes it can be very useful... but so your map editor will not be of much use to you because this engine can import Quake 3 levels (and therefore all map editors that export in this format).

In fact, with SGE you have access to almost all the features of Irrlicht and irrklang.

Anyway, good job Steinbock, hope you will keep us posted on the progress of your project which looks great  :good:

New SGE Demo  :booze:

thanks SnooPI always a great job.
When are some examples in GLB?


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