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GLBasic - en / Re: GL ES
It would be really nice but i wouldn't hold your breath.
Show Off / Re: GigaMan
I can't get it to start,I get to the screen where you set the controls and can't get any further.
Looking good Erico.
3D / Great 3d Resource
I just stumbled across this...

3d space things.It even included 3d captures from mars!!!

Bloody great! :booze:
I am so glad that sort of thing happens to other people as well. :good:
Looks really nice Erico.
I also cannot get it working in V14 and i don't have and Iphone folder either.
Bigsofty did you get anywhere with this issue?
Yes much more responsive.

Some more thoughts...
A resume game option would be nice as the games are quite long,in fact I haven't finished one yet because my phone ran out of battery.
Also I was playing a game and had a phone call, game quit and I couldn't continue my game.
There are a few c libs for  accessing GPIO,I don't have a clue how to use them however.
Off Topic / Re: ReactOS
I have had a few plays and have enjoyed it.

I find the cursor to identify the char to control could be clearer on my phone 1920 x 1080 HTC One.
it would be nice to choose the order of characters to command,quite often i want to move troops to the boat but the boat is higher up the list so gets chosen first so i have to skip goes.I don't know if you have done this on purpose or not.

Other than that nice game!