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Upon further investigation i have found that SLEEP and MOUSEWAIT cause this to happen.

Code (glbasic) Select

PRINT q,100,100

// SLEEP 50
Thanks Marmor,I tried that before i saw your mail and it is just reporting that SYSTEM is locking the file and reports that my .exe is what is locking my .exe so i can't unlock it. :S
No not either of those,Kiling the IDE doesn't help ,I think something is locking the file.
Yes it is thanks.
It was something to do with search indexing in windows 7 so i removed all referenced to my code folder.


This is a very strange problem,I think it is with my system but i am stumped,Skip to the last entry.I will leave the trail up.

I am getting this error after upgrading to 14.497.

Access is denied.

*** ERROR - Can't overwrite program. Is it still running?
*** Finished ***
Elapsed: 2.8 sec. Time: 15:11
Build: 0 succeeded.
*** 1 FAILED ***

I cannot see the file in taskmanager and i cannot delete the .exe from the  .app folder if i clean the project it works sometimes but generally i have to kill explorer.
Most excellent cheers.

Yeah SF i only use it for quick code checks but just thought i should mention it,Odd that is ok on some systems
Thanks for the back up Quedo.Nice to know i haven't gone mad or are being stupid etc etc. :good:
Will this bug be addressed?
I have reinstalled GBL 14.371,It still doesn't work.

really weird.

It just doesn't seem to be reading the keyhit.

After i press a key i cannot quit the  program with the window close icon and it crashes whereas this works as normal before i press a key.

This doesn't work on my windows 7 system,It used to.

PRINT "Hit me", 100, 100
PRINT "OK", 100, 100

It's from the manual.
Bug Reports / Re: DIM
err that's ok then  ;)