Html5 de Steam?¿

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Hola Compañeros cuanto tiempo :) ... una consulta habéis comprado y probado el html5 de Steam, porque lo he instalado en el VMWARE y no me lanza el Html, me dice que no existe...

Chao bambinos.


mentalthink welcome back.
I confirm that steam html5 compiles and seems to work fine.
I haven't tested it heavily but on a small project it works.

(google traducción)
mentalthink bienvenido de nuevo.
Confirmo que Steam html5 se compila y parece funcionar bien.
No lo he probado mucho, pero en un proyecto pequeño funciona.

ad maiora


Thanks Qedo for Welcomming and the reply... I will go to test more things... Thanks for your time.


Heee Mental! Long time no see!
Nice to see you around cabron! :)

I haven´t tried html on the steam version yet, but I will for the next project


Erico  :enc: :enc: :enc: :enc:  :good: :good: :good: que pasa tio!!!! , nice to see you again!!! , sorry for no reply before, I don't comme too much to the forum...

I think is cool Gernnot do GLbasic in modules.

I will try to comming more times here, now I learned a bit of C++ and Assenbly and I understand a lot of things before I don't know how works them...

Thanks for Welkomming... Abrazos Amigo. ;)