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Kitty Hello:
I think, you have to explain it to me, because at the moment it looks like you want to re-wrap GLBasic in colourful paper, add a ribbon and sell it?

 :D   Nice and funny comparison Gernot  :good:

No, no, I had no intention of selling it.
It was even planned to make it an open-source project for the first version.
But hey, now that you mention it, it might not be such a bad idea if the product looks good to you for a pro version  ;)  we'll talk about it if that happens.

In any case I have to finish the engine before and I have already fallen behind.
I've been behind on all my projects for a few years, even for my job, I'm not sure why... Fatigue, old age  :sick:  but maybe also general demotivation, that's why I try to find new motivating projects.

Anyway, thank you for the answers and have a good day.

Kitty Hello:
If it's based on GLBasic, why not make it an Add-On that required GLBasic? Win-win?

Hey! Very good idea Gernot!
This tool could create a GLB project which could only be compiled with GLBasic.

Why haven't I thought about it before?  ::) 
Thank you!  :good:


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