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GLB is dead?

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For those of you who no longer believe in GLB, I will only tell them one thing:

I wanted to clarify that this video was entirely modeled by a french, he did everything alone.
I find it great even though I'm not sure this old anim is a reference for everyone  ;)

Long life to GLBasic  <3

For Germans (but also all football fans) : PSG-Bayern 2-1  =D
Have a good evening.


--- Quote from: SnooPI on 2020-Aug-23 ---
Long life to GLBasic  <3

--- End quote ---

Still use it daily if I can, love the the old beast!  :happy:

 :good:  :booze:

I hope my predictions for GLB will be better than for football : PSG-Bayern 0-1   =D  ...  :'(   :'(

never make predictions before, it does not bring good ....  :)


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