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 I just use the free photo editor 'Photoscape' to batch re-size all images from my camera when I'm sorting out a new set of pics. I just leave it running in the background and get on with something else till it's finished.

Here is a little game to help pass the time on a wet summer’s day. No scores, penalties or time limits, it might even clear your head if you are bogged down with your coding. If there are no major problems reported I’ll post it in the showroom.

Download from Google Drive:

There is a little more info on my website page:

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Announcements / Re: Free and paid media etc.
« on: 2012-Apr-27 »
Something for everyone in there. Some great links there. Thanks. :good:


I did an experiment and found that the cut-off for the alpha was around 15 (out of 255).

Slydog, If you have the time could you expand a little on what you meant by the above please.

Plays well, enjoyed it. Well done. :good:

Brings back bad memories of the time I went for a pee immediately after applying Deep Heat Rub to a muscle strain. Thought I was going to pass out!  :help:

Yep! Great little link, thanks. :good:

Off Topic / Re: The Future of Mobile
« on: 2012-Apr-17 »
Look let’s not panic! Have you not seen Will Smith in ‘I, Robot ? According to this film set in 2035 he saves the world from being taken over by rogue Robots, so surely he will sort out the ‘Google Androids’ at the same time  =D

Even back in the Atari/Amiga days the term ‘BASIC’ seemed to have a little stigma attached.

On the boxes and manual covers from the Mandarin/Europress products the word ‘BASIC’ never appeared.

STOS ---the Game Creator
AMOS ---The Creator
AMOS Professional--- The Ultimate Programming Tool

My first experience with assembly was with a Meccano set in 1957, although I did eventually become more proficient with Stickle Bricks It’s never really helped with My GLbasic programming skills.  =D

Spot on Wampus! Impressed with the quality considering allowing yourself only 10 hours. Looking forward to seeing how it was done. I could write a game in 10 hours but it would look like a 2 year old had produced it! =D

I'm originally from Scotland but now stay in Morecambe, England.

I'll take the easy way here and post links to two pages:

Personal details:

Computers & Programming Details:

Beta Tests / Re: my second offering
« on: 2012-Mar-21 »
Quangdx: When a piece is picked up from the grid the system pointer disappears and the shape becomes the mouse pointer. The piece does ‘jump’ to the central position of the ‘invisible mouse’ to allow it to rotate around this point. If I did not centre it then it looked really odd when being rotated.
NB. Off the grid the piece moves by single pixels, on the grid it ‘jumps’ by 1 grid space for obvious reasons.  (i hope this makes sense!) :S

Beta Tests / Re: my second offering
« on: 2012-Mar-21 »
 Spacefractal: It,s hardcoded to a windowed 480x320 screen, no scaling or 3D commands.

Beta Tests / Re: my second offering
« on: 2012-Mar-20 »
Yeah BdR, I still have quite a few of the postcards but have not kept them all, I was always amazed at how much people were prepared to go out of their way to show appreciation back in the old days. I don’t think I’ll be doing any versions for the mobile markets as my first love is the actual coding itself and since retiring, making money is not a consideration, if any of my friends and family (and indeed anyone from this forum) gets any sort of enjoyment from my work then I’m happy. Unless of course I do produce a sure-fire winner then I may purchase a Mac and splash out on a licence.

Quangdx:  I’ve tried on five (family & friends) PC’s to recreate the problem you are having moving shapes. I use a single pixel box collision from the system pointer’s hot-spot to determine which shape (if any) is being selected and up to now can’t re-create your problem. If anyone else has this problem I’ll remove the game from the showroom and see what I can do to fix.

The Boxed game I played in the 60’s was Spears Multipuzzle

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