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There are any news on this topic?
There is a chance to see in future also the support for WP in the GLBasic?  :nw:

Jay Barwick has founded a new company that currently are developing a new portable gaming console.

The main specifics are these:
CPU: Ingenic Jz4770 1GHz Processor
GPU: 496MHz Vivante GC860 1080p video decoding and OpenGL ES 2.0 and OpenVG 1.1           
DISPLAY: 3.5"LCD 4:3(320X240 pixels)                   
OS: Linux 2.6
Memory: DDR2 256MB
Internal Storage: 4GB
External storage:  via micro SD Up to 32GB
Mini USB 2.0 OTG
Mini HDMI 1.3 Out
3.5mm earphone/mic/Stereo Speakers
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g  and Wireless Multiplayer
Media & Entertainment                                               
Audio: Mp3/Wav/Wma/Flac/Ogg/M4a/Acc
EBook: txt/epub/html/pdf
Basic Parameters:                                                                                           
Dimensions: 143*70*18mm                                       
Weight:  8oz                                     
Battery: 2800mAh

In the video is also mentioned the possibility for developers to request a prototype 'discounted' to develop on this console.
Can be this a chance to port GLBasic also on this console?

Prototype announcement: OpenPandora Board

EMail: GCWNow at

Italian updated!
Beta Tests / Re: WizSticks
Ok! Thanks for your replay  :nw:
Beta Tests / Re: WizSticks
Is it possible to have a version for Caanoo?  :nw:

Or you think is it possible to have the source code as a tutorial?

I corrected some translations to properly display in the graphics.
Now it looks perfect  :P.
Hi, I have finished the Italian translation!
If some Italian user found errors, they can correct it!

Now I'm trying the translations in the test project.
FAQ / Re: Books
I think that this conversion is intended to allow the reading of books direclty on eBook readers.
FAQ / Re: Books
I paid three books, the second edition, and I'm jealous, I will not give these books to anyone, I must first study  :nana:
FAQ / Re: Books
Ok! Thank you for your answer.  :nw:

Now I proceed with the order of the updated version  :good:.
FAQ / Re: Books
Thanks for the reply.
I will buy the new version (hoping there is not a new one coming soon :P)
FAQ / Re: Books
Hi MrTAToad.
I have bought all your books in February.

Can you have a list of changes made ​​to the second edition?

On the LULU site I saw that there are two versions of "GLBasic Programmers Reference Guide - Second Edition"

GLBasic Programmers Reference Guide (Second Edition)
GLBasic Programmers Reference Guide - Second Edition

This can confuses the buyers (in the preview I saw that the second link is the revision and the first is the revision

I have not yet had time to read the first edition, think you that it is better to upgrade to the second edition?
Do you think that is possible to have a discount code to purchase the second edition?

Thanks  ;)
Code Snippets / Re: ZONES
Thank you  :good:
Code Snippets / Re: ZONES
I tried to download the demo but clicking on the link but I get the following message:

Code (glbasic) Select

An Error Has Occurred!

You are not allowed to access this section

Wonderful  :booze:

Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2011-Sep-21
Vibration is missing.

There is some hope that this feature is added in the future? (ok, I know that is not necessary for write good games ;))