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Hi folks,

I want to show you my first "serious" mobile game what I'm developing with Unity so this is "Off Topic" Stuff. :)
It's called "Flip It" and it's a little bit like "Reversi".
You have some chips and the goal is to get all chips with the white side upward.
If you flip a chip the horizontal and vertical neighbours will flip, too.

It will be released at first for android but it is planned for iOS (and maybe other platforms) later.

You can test it here through the webplayer (really early demo and some graphics are still dummies!!!): http://dev.devandart.de/uploads/public/flipit/

I hope you like it so far and constructive criticism is welcome.



Great start!  I played a few levels, but I suck at puzzle games, and/or don't have the patience to master them.

Did you use NGUI for your UI?  Or roll your own? I bought NGUI when I ported my maze game to Unity.  Not a bad UI system, but gets complicated when things aren't working the way you are expecting.

I wish Gernot would branch GLBasic into a GLSharp or something, using C# as the language.  I find it much more functional and can get things done much easier.  But I love GLBasic's method of interacting with OpenGL and its function list.  And he could use either Visual Studio, or Mono Develop for the editor, one less thing for him to maintain! Ha, I know, not really going to happen, its just a fantasy.

Want to take this game to the next dimension?  A 3D cube (or any 3d shape) with black / white chips on all faces.  Choosing one chip changes all adjacent chips in all directions.  Ha, ok, that may not work, and be too darn difficult to solve.

Keep it up and keep us updated on your progress.
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You are in the DarkSide  backslider  :D :D , UNITY  :rant: , the game it's very nice, and I think it's a good puzzle... Only make better graphics and you have a nice game... If you need some help with the 3D comment me, this kinds models are very easy to do and texturize...

Now only it's finish...  :good:


Thanks guys,

@Slydog: Yes, I use NGUI for my game.
@mentalthink: I have my own 3D artist but thanks for your proposal. :)


It is looking good backslider.

The menu navigation was a bit rough to go around but mostly because of work in progress.

Somehow the looks of your game reminds me of that scene in a jet li´s movie (hero) where a fight with ´long sky´happens.
There is a sort of huge chess like board game going while it drips.
Maybe that scene could serve as inspiration for atmosphere?
Check it out:

See if you can find the scenes right before the fight, they show a lot more on the chess game, boards, textures, etc.

edit:strange, I can´t add a tube link.


dawn! no unity player for ios?

i try it tomorrow in my work ;)
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Hi guys,

you know spare time is rarely. :P
But I'm active developing my game and here is the latest version:

I added some scene fade transitions, falling leaves in the menus and changed some things in the level chooser.

The next things I will do:
- replace dummy graphics (level items, lock items, pause button...)
- level done screen ('yeah'... next level, back to menu)
- pause menu screen

What do you think?


Ian Price

The leaves look good and are an excellent addition, but they could be better. For a start they aren't moving in a random or chaotic enough manner - leaves will flutter in the breeze, they will also rotate. Yours are also all moving in separate strange directions, with no feel like they are being affected  by wind or air.

Also, if you look at Eastern art, they are usually cherry blossom petals or acer (Japenese maple) leaves that are falling (and neither of these would be simple green leaves) -


However, your leaves do add "life" to the title screen, and that's a very good thing. And i really love the depth of field effects :)

I came. I saw. I played.


Very Very nice game, the Music I like a lot!!! , graphically it's good too.

You know Shiva3D backSlider?¿, the good point it's in the free version you have flash exporter and can put into a web without player, too much people don't like install a player in the computer, and the quality it's very good...

The programming languaje it's based in Shiva, it's a bit different to Unity, but I like more, if you have ineterst on it comment me, I'm begin to use and in a couple of days you know the Basics, and the comercial license it's more acceptable than Unity, and more platforms too...

In fact I liked a lot your game, too much advanced from the last view...


Thanks for reviewing guys! :)
I like your ideas and will implement them.

@mentalthink: Yes, I "know" Shiva3D but never tried it. There are some reasons why I won't change to another Engine than Unity. The main reasons are that I'm in love with the IDE, fast development, really nice API, the f***ing awesome asset store and community AND I've already invested a lot of money. :)
And C# is my main programming language, so why learn a sub-scripting-language of lua or use C/C++.

But I believe you that Shiva3D is nice. ;)