MagnetBall WIP Screenshot (No GLBasic)

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Hi guys,

this is a screenshot of my work in progress game "MagnetBall".
The aim of the game is to navigate a metallic ball threw many puzzle levels (this is only a testlevel) by using a magnet.

The special thing is that you "hold" the magnet in your hand using the Leap Motion Controller.
Kinect and mouse movement will be possible, too.

And the controller works pretty well! :)

Please tell me, what do you think about this game and it's controlling idea? :)


HI backslider the concept it's nice perhaps make a maze whit different altitudes, whit  some holes can do the playibility more complex...

I let you an idea I've got suddenly when I look the image, this it's another way to play perhpas you can implement both...

Will be nice use the magnet, but whit another mobile device, in example you have an iPad or another Device like a server, and then with 1 device or 2 for two players at the same time, you use the magent moving the accelerometer of those devices... with some connection whit BT and sending the accelerometer data... How I told you only like idea, it's your game and your idea, only if can help and you find interesting can be nice... or not... always have to test the things  :)

Another thing about the graphics, it's nice put blocks, but thingking in some scenarion more complex like a Castle like a maze, of something future... I know this it's a test, but ideas comming while I write this lines..



Hi mentalthink,

thanks for your ideas.
My idea is also to create 3D mazes but for testing I don't need a complex model. :)
The blocks are more easy to use for creating a testlevel instead of building complex geometry. :D

Later it could be a room with tables, tv etc. for example where you have to find the "door" or so. :P

here is another screenshot with three dimensions... Also simple.


This it's nice it's very extrange and different... another idea I leave you, perhaps the game can be more interesting, if when you have the Scenarios done, you can do press buttons in the walls, for open secret doors , or have to do something for can exit from the maze...


That is a great idea.

One thing that came to my mind is that magnets are quite strong in real life.
So I suppose you are going to make some threshold on it?

Last time I played with a real one it was either full attraction or none at all, it required extreme precision to make small movements.

Anyway, in a game, I don´t see this as a trouble.
post some videos! :good:


Here is a video in really bad quality and a simple demo level but shows the basic "gameplay". :D


Looks great and smooth, how are you controlling the magnet? hand position or rotation?


Thanks erico! :)

Im using the hands x and z position.
with these values the magnet rotates around the ball.


Do anyone of you have an idea for a first interesting level? :)

Ian Price

This is going to sound really shitty of me, but honestly it's not a criticism -

I really like the idea, and it's certainly different to other marble games, but is there really any need for the magnet? Does the magnet's polarity introduce problems within the environment or is it just a method for moving the ball? If it's the latter, why use it?

I really liked the video (cool physics and shadows) and it showed how the magnet worked with the ball, but it didn't really show why it is necessary.
I came. I saw. I played.


Thanks for your feedback Ian!

The question is, how would you visualize the moving direction and force of the ball?
You are god in the game and god holds the magnet to move it. :D

And maybe there will be other objects and interact with the magnet OR the magnetized ball.

But I'm open to other ideas if you have one. :)

Ian Price

If you are a god, you would know the moving direction of the ball! :P Your fingers (or a second controller/device as indicated) help to induce ball movement - environmental factors In the playfield) then indicate future movement of the ball, independent of the magnet - so that's not actually going to be a good indicator of ball movement ;)

Like I said, I love the idea - I just don't see the need for the magnet unless it has a valid reason to be there, and no matter how hard I think, I can't see a reason - even for polarity puzzles within the level.

However, my understanding of what you hope to achieve is probably a lot more limited than yours. I really look forward to seeing the end results though, as I'm very intrigued. :)
I came. I saw. I played.


Thanks again for your ideas Ian.

I really need a idea for a first level. xD
Maybe a workshop where you have to solve obstacles? :D

Do you have an idea?

Here another screenshot


Couple ideas about what Ian said:

- Magnet could make the ball kind of fly if you approach it on Y, it could slowly turn blue like it is discharging and after a while looses power and takes a bit to come back. This must be well thought so people don´t simply ´jump´ obstacles.

- You could have parts of the level where the floor desmagnetise the ball, so player has to ´throw/push´ the ball, like golf.

Both ideas are a  bit spoiled and presents other problems to the gameplay... they just came to my mind.
But I agree you should tune the magnet/ball control to something unique.

Anyway, how are you designing the levels? If I send you a 3d texture mapped OBJ will it run out of the box?


You both have nice ideas, I will think about them. :)

I design my levels in Blender, so if you would send me an obj file it should work.