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Hi guys,

I would like to know who of you use 3D in GLBasic games and if not, why?
If there is no option for you, feel free to answer in text. :)

It would be really nice when you tell us, if you use 3D and if not... why not?



Hmm dont know what option I should choose, I like to code in 3D but I dont create games. ;)
And I mix GLB with direct OpenGL calls and GLSL.
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I ´m not using 3d yet. But that is just because current projects are 2d based.
I run a few tests once in a while just to give it a go.


Don't use it because...

- I like the feel of 2D graphics
- I suspect 3D has a steep learning curve and I'd rather invest my time in other projects
- Modeling isn't my forte (though I can do it)
- Creating a 3D world with animated models (which don't look like crap) would take a LOT of time, and my 2D projects take way too much time as it is.


I love the EntitySystem but I don't love to create all scenes in code.  :D
So my main problem is, that GLBasic has no world editor.

But I will change it and maybe GLBasic will become more popular for 3D (dream).  :good:

At the moment I'm developing a pipeline from Blender to GLBasic using the EntitySystem and the main thing is done I think.

But that will become a new Thread.   8)

Have a nice weekend!


Im did tried to create a 3D game in Dark Basic Pro in about 10 years ago, but that game got stalled soon its got to physics. There was nothing wrong with Dark Basic Pro, its was just due that. That mean im did the game in a wrong order, as well im are more intesered to write 2d games (which is fun to made).

Would been nice to went back to that game, eventuelly in United or even in Glbasic from beginning (etc scrapping the old code). Howover its must been some sort of physics engine before im trying again (and its not necessity need to been mobile compatible).

Howver im do mostly perfer 2d style games, because they are easier for me, and is also fun to made. Greedy Mouse and my next game is both in 2d. Howover could been fun using 2d/3d graphics (etc using 3d models in a 2d game, just like Jungool).

The Space Invarder game with 3d flat colors do have cool use of simple 3d. More of that style really!
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I used 3D in GLB when I wrote my first 3D game Galaxix - http://www.glbasic.com/forum/index.php?topic=3857.msg58612#msg58612

I found it very easy to get to grips. The only downside I found was due to the lack of a particle engine doing any high quality 3D effects was very hard. I did manage to do my own basic 3D particle engine but GLB really needs the ability to put alpha'd images in z-order quickly and not via GLB code.

Also I came across a couple of bugs with screen2world and world2screen on the iPad. I *think* one was sorted and the other wasn't. I haven't checked the latest beta as I've had no time to spend recently on game coding at all :'(

I would love and also pay highly if GLB's 3D engine were a little more up-to-date. But for what it is, it's a decent little multi-platform 3D engine that's speedy and easy to learn.


I am currently writing iVCL 2 for Vycaria. This is a 3D simulation of a medical scanner, not exactly a game. But I do use 3D exclusivly. The GLBasic 3D command set can be very powerful, especially when  partenered with a good entity system(I have used Kanonets excellent ESL entity library for this project). I have to admit that I am envious sometimes of other languages 3D engines, mainly as the lack of some GLB features, such as mobile  shaders for example, can make your code much less efficient on modern mobile hardware. That being said, there are not many 3D engines that support the amount of platforms that GLBasic  does. 

I also have another 3D game project on the go but that uses its own renderer, written in C as its mainly vector graphics.


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I did use darkbasic on 3d some ages ago.
Good thing it could import 3d objects from lightwave (which what I use).

The app was a visualization of interior architectural things, so not quite a game.
I could simply bake complex render into textures and there you would have a nice apartment interior your client can walk through and take photos to bring home or send by mail, bla,bla.

I enjoyed the easiness of it.


Without hesitation, I prefer and love GLB 3D over GLB 2D for scalability and audience preference. That is, you can zoom and center and deploy at any screen size resolution. Animated key frame models seem more efficient than pixel frames and can even be used to produce run-time 2D. There are times when I need to go to the 2D realm for (animated) textures and onscreen labels and buttons.


I don't use 3D 100%, because the 3D in GLBasic, have some faults...

But really it's very faster develop something in 3D for GLBasic, yesterday I begin a new game...(I show you in some days), all in 3D and it's veery very faster...

Probably we need another kind of importers like DAE or FBX, or 3D physics, and better Lights (this last point the most important) OPENGL2.0 please

A really good point of 3D it's you can mix anohter 2D layer... only whit make2D this it's really fantastic...


Yes, lights are the biggest problem in my opinion, too!
If lights would be nicer (including shadows) it would be a f***ing nice engine! :)


Buff shadows, I think it's a great trouble for a PC or great console not it's too much problem, but for a "simple" device like a mobile it's a very hardest task... depend the kind of shadows too... (for this I think it's better paint over the surface a simple black Sprite).

Another good thing will be 3D physics... I know you made a port of Bullets (I try too, but my C++ skills not are enough), this will be awesoming... well your port works, but not for mobile devices  :'(

I read sometime ago an idea to make a Shop, really I think this not it's a great trouble, here we are some people we know do 3D, the problem it's how many users buy chepest models... in fact Shiva 3D open a self market for this...

If it's possible to put a maketplace here can be interesting, not only for us.. because how you can sell the model in .DAE .FBX  or another formats, perhaps people from another sites come to here to buy... or not.


Lights work, just need to be easier (along with shadows).  Don't forget that GLBasic is the only BASIC multi-platform language that supports 3D as standard!

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Someone else agrees with me. What's 3D? ;) :P
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