Do you know 2D sprite (static or animated) stores?

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Hi guys,

do you know any portals/stores/places like Turbosquid etc. but mostly for 2D graphics / animated sprites?
I can't find them but I can't believe that there is none.  :good:

It would be nice if you know one or more of them.

Thanks  :nana:


I'm surprised there are not more sites selling game graphic, especially grouped into themes.
I would pay good money for a theme (space, jungle, backyard, etc) that has common game sprites and textures.
I can always find specific sprites, but all by different artists, and your game ends up looking amateurish and not consistent.

This questions was asked at StackExchange, and has a lot of suggestions, but mainly only for 'free':
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Really this it's strange , because in the net have a lot of markets about 3d models, sometimes I try to search and I can't found something interesting...


There is a nice market for 3d, but property not 2d. Most 2d sale would property been used for office/web use, not games. The reason is as slydog wrote, different style in same scene can fell wrong. Even my next project is copy/paste for most thing, but that ok for placeholder graphics.

In 3d is property also easier about style, so it's can been a why?

Sound and music is a lots of license fx and music, and is different too.
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I think the better idea for make a market in 2D--- It's only an idea for if anyone can do it.

I think the problem in 2D versus 3D, it's if I buy a model in 3D, from this model I can do a lot of diferents, I can modify the shapeline, the textures... I can take another and mix whit this... and this whit the animations whit bones woks too...

I think in 2D a market have to be something similar... I think a lot of time put 2D renders whit a lot of frames for sell, but really how many peple needs this models, and after if this model it's used in another game?¿...

I think the better way for make a 2D library, of characters or anything... it's make something like Puppets, I take a body from this and I put this legs... this have the same number od Sprites.. if I take this flower and I mic whit the graphics "X" I have another totally different....

How I say, it's only like an Idea... but really I don't know if this can works, like works the 3D markets...


@mentalthink - I love that idea!  :good:

Instead of buying (for example) a static flower sprite, you buy the building blocks to create your own custom sprites.
For flowers, you would have a variety of: stems, leaves, peddles/flower tops. 
You then arrange the pieces in your picture editor any way you like to create a unique flower.
Plus, you could adjust the leaves or stem a bit to create an animated flower.

This would be an amazing idea if you could get the source graphics, or find willing artists.
Then also create a tool to simplify this process, based around creating sprites using art pieces, and animation if you want.

There would probably be good money to create such a tool, especially if you have a quality library of sprite pieces.
Or sell the libraries separately, and / or allow other artists to create libraries to sell through your 'store'.
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I don't think in me... but really make this for me not it's a very hard work... really perhaps I think in this...
Make sprites in 2d whit 3D it's really easy, and at this days, whit all the posibilities of the machines you can do a very very huge libraries... uhmmm I go to think  :P

The nice thing will be make a serious site about this.. perhaps this comes in a huge market, contacting whit real 2D artists...  :enc: :enc: =D