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I bought Spriter as Early Access... It's awesome!
It also supports Inverse Kinematics and is easy to use.
Hey, cool little game! :)
You really should do fullscreen/resolution options, polish the graphics and add more functionality to get enough votes I think.

I wisch you good luck.  :booze:
Unity also supports 2D out of the box, for sure not that easy as GLBasic because it has a lot more features...
But everyone should use what he/she can work with the most productive. :)

What games have you created so far? :)
All platforms, also mobile, are free and support all features except the splashscreen as I said. :P
If you want to remove the splashscreen or some other features like cloud building or Level 11 (you get many assets for free each month) you have to buy a license for each platform you want.
And 1.500,- € is not that much in my opinion if you earn money with it.
Just some cool Windows User Controls cost that much and they are not a fully featured game engine. :D
Unity is expensive? :D
It's free for all platforms (except special licenses for XBone etc.) including all features.
You just have a unity splashscreen at start in the Personal Edition.
Off Topic / Re: Mandelbrot
I did one years ago in GLBasic (no shader) xD
Nope, thats the reason why I posted it in Off-Topic. :)

Hehe, I don't use GLBasic but basically you have to find the max or min edge of your object and then rotate it around 90°.
That's all.

So in GLB I think you have to get the point to rotate around and then PUSHMATRIX the object and then rotate the point...

Off Topic / Morphoid - WIP


I'm developing a cuboid like game where you have to get Morphoid - the morphable cuboid - into the goal (with the right side/s). You have to take care gaps and have to activate switches, beam to other platforms or ride on platforms to other places to get to the goal.

Here are some dev videos:

This video is recorded ingame and shared after level done from iPhone:

If you like it and want to follow the development progress, like the Morphoid facebook page. :)

QuoteI wasn't about to diss you for not using GLBasic
Haha and I have not perceived so. :D
Only wanted to explain why I use another product/s, because you asked. :)

And thanks!
For this game I used Construct 2.
It's perfect for my needs for 2D games.

The reason why I'm not using GLB since a long time is that other engines/frameworks are much more productive FOR ME. :)
Thanks for your comments.
I'm not using GLB, thats the reason why I'm posting into "Off Topic" but I like the community and want to show you my stuff.  :good:
Hi guys,

I published a first release of a new game of mine called Hänk'n'Skate.
Hänk is one of my characters - a can - out of another game I'm working on and this is a mini game with him.

It's a endless runner type skating game and I would like if you could test and rate it, for sure constructive criticism is welcome! :)

It's available for Android:
iOS will follow the next days.

Thank you.
Sorry, aber wieso ist Unity "nur" für Android too much?
Das ist absolut nicht der Fall, genau dafür ists doch gemacht... Einfach, produktiv und ohne viel Änderung (in der Theorie :D) für viele Plattformen.
Auch wenn man am Ende nur eine exportiert. :)
Echt? :D

Naja ich bin dann auch mal weg! Guck nachher nochmal rein.  :good: