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Pls post all possible bugs in a separate thread and let us link it here. If something is missing, just tell us. Thank you for your help.

Makro not work:

Sprite hole don't work: [fixed. READ IT!]

Android - polygons rendered in wrong order and glDrawElements issue: [fixed]

Android accelerometer issue:

project resolution 768x1024 gives 320x480 on iPhone4/iPod4:

REDIM + FOREACH: [fixed]

Problems with Samples\_Projects_\native_gui\glb_GUI_Editor on Windows, cant compile it for Linux:

DEBUG mode with INLINE C/C++ code generates a compiler error on the ON_DEBUG function: [demo code, please]

RETURN (Not existing type.member) -> debugger jumps to wrong line:

3D on Android: wrong camera viewport and Cullmode inversed:

CTRL+G at functions in types, also lights in 3D incorrect:

X_TEXTUREOFFSET not working properly with X_DRAWANIM:

GLB overrides XCode project in each compilation:

Problems with INLINE and function folding and copy+paste:

VSync not working for MacOX:

Numbers in project names get replaced by _ (underscore):

PLATFORMINFO$("LOCALE") wrong on many platforms:


Using wrong Default.png etc. on XCode:

Include correct icons for iOS7:

glb_code_sign.bat dosent work if glbasic is installed in the default folder:

USESCREEN+SPRITE2MEM bug, current offscreen gets unbound:

Sometimes compiling not the current project, but one that was opened before:

X_SPRITE not working on android:

HTML5 not compiling any more:

DRAWRECT bug and program quitting slowly, both on Raspberry Pi:

SETORIENTATION not working correctly on Win for 2D Commands and prolems with Samples\_Projects_\native_gui\glb_GUI_Editor:

Thx kanonet

DEBUG mode with INLINE C/C++ code generates a compiler error on the ON_DEBUG function...

& is missing in any font created by the font creator program


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