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Game Center (testers and help needed)

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Dark Schneider:
Well currently is fully functional for reporting, but the problem is to show the Leaderboards and Achievements, the current code doesn't work on iPad  :blink:

I attach the XCode project, there is no need of an original iOS device and there is no need of a GC account because there is no need to be authenticated to show the tables, nothing. The project is a GLBasic one, you only need to test it by pressing the 2 last buttons in the bottom row, they have the "Show" text (detects when we leave the finger over its position). If you press on another ones, you will see how the most rigth number at bottom increases, ignore it.

So anyone can use it to find the way these tables should be shown. The file to modify is the GameCenterWrapper.m, functions showLeaderboardCategory and showAchievements.

Take a look at it, earlier they work, earlier we have a full GC features.

Updated: changed the "show" functions so currently they work on an iPad executed in iPhone mode, I need someone to test them on real iPhones, the 3GS and on iPhone 4 and view what happends. So at this moment we can detect the device and in case of iPad show a message "Open the Game Center App", but on iPhones we could show the Game Center tables inside the application, as most game buyers are iPhone users its better than nothing.

But other developers can modify it so they work too on iPad.

Note: the showAchievements works on iPad if we change in the dissmissdelegate:
.view.superview removefromsuperview
.view removefromsuperview

so we could modify it to conditional execution depending on device type. Bu this should be done when leaderboards were working IMO to have a full working Game Center on iPad.

Dark Schneider:
Moved the last attached file version to the first post, also now the showAchievements function should be fully functional, as said it detects the device type, including when we run the app in iPhone mode on an iPad (for non-Universal apps).

Now we need to test it on iPhone models, but I don't have any iPhone supporting Game Center.

I have a 3GS (4.3.5), an iPod Touch 4G (4.2 I think), and an older iPod Touch 2 or 3G (I forget which). All non-JB. Oh, and plus a developer licence obviously.

I'm a bit busy at the minute so if that GCTest attachment project is pretty quick to just compile and then setup in Xocde then if I have a moment over the weekend I will put it on my iPhone. No promises as I have a busy weekend.


Quick thing though. I just downloaded the zip from the first post so it is ready when I have a spare minute, but I can't find any GLB files. Is the GLB project files in a different download?


Dark Schneider:
A great collection  ;/

At this moment is the XCode project, only to test if the leaderboards and achievements tables are shown correctly on iPhones, because I only have an iPad to test it, and assuming than an iPad running in iPhone mode is he same than an iPhone is not good at all  :S

Once tested, I will put the entire project including the GLBasic one to see how to use it in GBasic (this phrase is not a bit redundant?  :zzz: ).


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