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--- Quote from: Omadan on 2011-Jul-14 ---Thanks spicy, really helpful. After the so many things I tried yesterday this was one of them. And i get this error again with your info. "Facebook needs the CURL PHP extension". Is it that my webhost doesn't support cUrl?

Thanks for help spicy, your step by step was very well explained. Now about this error, no idea what to do.

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It's your webhost not supporting cURL you may find that they only support v4 of php too not v5 not sure if that makes a difference but it might.

I've just made a GLB Status Updater App in facebook which you can test out here


--- Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2011-Jul-15 ---ok. with the access token being an unique ID for the person/app that's posting, I can safely put this on my server?
Can you post your scrub function?

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Yes you only need to host the facebook.php file though similar to how people link to the google version of jquery. This should then allow (in theory) the users to host the other files on their own webhost safely. They would change the config.php file to reference your facebook.php file on your server. This would be completely safe.

The scrub function is in the code above however the I removed the function and performed the commands directly as it seemed faster when submitting to facebook and prevented null text from being submitted.

Thanks spicy for everything. LOLLL i was doing correctly the first time I tried, it was just my stupid webhost not supporting cUrl.
I tried a free webhost with cUrl pre-installed and voila, I post no problems. Now comes the other part. From glBasic can this be only called from NETWEBEND, and if so this ends the program, not what I really want. Can we work this with Netwebget$, or is there a way around using NETWEBEND without ending the app.

Thanks a lot for your help. Ill start some testing with netwebget, but I dont think the php script will run the browser.

Yeh i was thinking about doing the GLBasic side of things next, see what I can come up with ;)


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