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I know netwebend isnt that bad, but can't be used. I post with netwebend to facebook fine as stated in my other post, but then I can't restore control to my app. Ive tried it and theres no way. I end up hitting home button and everything exits. So won't work. And if any player that plays your app and posts to facebook without coming back to game is not going to be very happy. He'll just give up and think, what the *love*. Im not posting again. And what if I want to check if user has posted successfully?


The idea is that the user has to login ONCE and grant permissions, THEN you can post using the php script  :good:

You still need to run the url via the browser mate.
I have done all this. Once permissions are granted you no longer see the Grant permissions etc, the post just goes through to facebook, BUT, it stays there on a blank browser page, with no way to go back to your running game. If you do know how to overcome this please let me know as I have exhausted all options.

I haven't replied here for a while but I was thinking this could be useful to allow the facebook permission and assist in allowing a return to GLB

Hey Spicy, been missing you for some time now :P
I gave up on FB thingy, I was losing lots of time on it and losing hours which I could dedicate to my game ofcourse :P

I went the browser way, but is sucks coz app ends and you have no control over it, but sometimes you can't have bread buttered on both sides :P

If you do however manage this I would really like to know how you did it, you were very helpful and clear last time.

Thanks again mate


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