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tsk it dosnt work or its just my pc?

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tsk I could have found this before ~~ boku no baka...
--- Code: (glbasic) ---FOR n=0 TO 3

DRAWSPRITE n, 100, 100

--- End code ---
you can give values to n from 1 to the infinite and it gives you the animation anyways... and by the way this one doesn't cause the problem I had of the error window , and you can repeat this with another variable , I think it ill work excellent.... what do you think about it? and just one question if you compile this code a blue line is drawn? in my case it doesn't matter(its covered by the demo sign) by the moment, but what would happen with the full version? and do you think that a transparent line in that place would fix it?

The blue line should be the time left until the demo exits, you only have 2 minutes to test your game. That one will be gone together with the demo sign when you buy the licence


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