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Doesn't seem to working in latest build, for me anyway.

which build ?


--- Quote from: Qedo on 2020-Jun-15 ---which build ?

--- End quote ---
16.508 with beta tho - forgot I am on beta update

As im see, its a bug in the editor or a limit. sadly. Its not possible to create 2 exe in the same distrubute folder as im wanted as win32 and win64 should of course have shared the same media files. There is no changes on those at all. But its dont work well.

so in a perfect world, this should been happens:


But the Win64 version still replace the 32bit PowerUp_Elevation.exe in that folder for some reasons.

But its does create a 64 build file in the main app folder throught, like this:


But im can just cant get the exe created ALONE to the win32 folder as win32 and win64 actuelly should just share the same assests files as there should been no changes at all rather than seperate one that doesent make sense at all.

This would been same akin for Android that compile to 4 versions.

So there is issues with win64, but in the distribute when creating win64 files. Im do might in the next beta simple disable doing the distrubute thing for 64bit for now to avoid this confuction.......

property its should now only create the win64 binary now and copy the file alone to the distribute\Win32\ alone (im changed makeapp.exe to makeapp.bat and just copy its created exe file with no other tasks done).

Im have no plans to rename it to Windows rather than win32 for combatible reasons.


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