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ver. 16 crashes when loading sprites from ShoeBox...

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im confirm. Can you check if its happens with other formats as well (jpg and bmp). Im do confirm the issue.

As this problem is still an issue..
Anyone tried to implement zip/7z or some other compression libraries? Mostly to protect graphic assets, so they can't be easy copied, or maybe some other encoding functions?

here, win10 steam version, don't work with any size, crash also with 64px.
ad maiora

Kitty Hello:
Shoebox compression is totally broken. I'm trying to fix, but I think I will have to reimplement another compression library, making your old sbx files broken. I'll add a header to give you a warning.
I'm sorry. This is a lot of work and I hope to find time for it, soon. I spend a few hours just to track the bug...

Generally do what's best in Your opinion, will it be fixing Shoebox or adding some other lib to pack media files into one, it's irrelevant, just that it would work and hopefully it would be cross-platform. Repacking all packed media files is not an issue, I always do it before building 'release' version of projects.

Thanks for looking at this issue and fixing it mostly, I checked new beta (ver 16.833) and most files are packed/loaded properly but there is a new problem: Shoebox app (that packer) has some issues with 24bit depth PNG files, it crashes when I try to pack folder with such files, even if that's only file in directory. Whats more interesting it looks like 8bit PNG or 24bit BMP images doesn't cause such issue. Hopefully this little issue would be fast to track and fix :-)


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