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ver. 16 crashes when loading sprites from ShoeBox...

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Kitty Hello:
Fixed in current beta. Can you try?

I checked latest beta and this problem still appears, but now after some test I'm not sure if it's bit depth dependent or it's caused by something else. Simplest way it would be to test ShoeBox packer on attached files:
- base file is bitmap font (24bit PNG) from DingsFont tool, it will cause error,
- black image sized same as above file, saved/exported from Gimp 24bit PNG, will cause error,
- same black image but saved from Paint.Net, wont raise the error,
I hope that this will help somewhat to find the issue, if You prefer You can send me only 'ShoeBox.exe', as there is no need to do all those Steam app update stuff before it's fixed.

Kitty Hello:
The packing was broken. Packed content was longer than the original -> buffer overflow. Get the new beta, it's fixed.

Checked on normal game projects, packing&loading images/audio works fine, no issues, later I will double check on my re-uploaded Steam game, but looks that everything is working as it should.
Thanks for fixing this bug  :)

btw. interesting is that new ShoeBox packer takes much longer to pack files, previously it was ~2seconds for 20MB media file, now it takes around 40seconds, final file is little bigger but as it's working it's not an issue. Thanks again ;)


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