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Glue an object to another

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--- Quote from: Schranz0r on 2015-Jun-11 ---It's called Parenting and Child setting :D

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--- Quote from: nabz32 on 2015-Jun-11 ---In dbpro its called glue object

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You guys are all wrong...
the proper name is "3 dimensional silver taping". :P

Code looks interesting, bookmarked for when I get to 3d.
Thanks for sharing.

Well good to know, that GLBasic supports matrix tranformations. :-[
It is very nice to have many events glued to another one, i.E. for different scripts for every weapon system of a boss.

I have even made one who has blinking buttons on the back, after some time one of those starts to blink green,
then you have to jump on that and another will turn green, hit all in one combo jump in the right order for a real hit on the boss.


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