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Also on Mobile Safari(ipad), sll smooth and play well :good:

Greedy Mouse has no sound though?
Sorry Loftcat, had sudden family tragedy, dealing with that just now.
Looks good Loftcat, will give it a bash when I finally get back in the house next week.   :good:
Have a good one guys!  :good:

Large head,small body
Cartoon outline
Use less dull colours, more bright primary colours...


Good stuff!  :good:

type is not defined : TYPE 'GameInputs' has no member 'GetPlayerName$'

Possibly a custom function for your game?
Lookin good Spacefractal, I'll test it when I get back to my house, tomorrow night.  :good:
Looks good, I like the nice short syntax.

I haven't used Android for years though, so I cant comment on do's and dont's for that input system I'm afraid.  :noggin:
Yeah, logically you can just treat the keyboard as a controller but with a lot of buttons.  :S Confusing the matter slightly is that of international keyboards, where KEY() does not equate to a certain ascii character. So any game default keyboard have to take this into consideration when informing the user what key to press for what action.

Looking good so far Spacefractal!  :good:
One small suggestion, as my old lib does it this way, is for each button to buffer each button scan. This would be a list of the button states, discarding the very earliest states in the list, I save the last 2 seconds, of button scans.

This would allow more history of key presses. Examining the list for certain action.

Easy to see if the user is holding down a button, say for in my case a secondary fire mode with a large single shot.
Check for combos, double presses, or even triple presses. Up and down, in quick succession.
Check if he is cheating with an auto fire 🤪

You can obviously do it in the game code but this way abstracts the usual fluff of having to set flags outside the lib.

Good luck with the lib, I've decided to rewrite mine because of some of the points raised here, which is a good thing!  :good:

Interesting, sounds good. I have been using my basic controller library for a while now. Unfortunately this thread has highlighted some shortcomings in my own approach...  :'( Seriously though, it will be interesting to see what you finally come up with Spacefractal.
Looks good.   :good:

Yeah, my 8bit do pro 2 wired is not in the controller database either(even though Valve uses this DB for Steam) but my Xbox One controller is.

Better to cycle through a diagram of a generic joypad, highlighting buttons and asking the user to press(or skip) the equivalent button on their controller, to make custom templates. Maybe setup some of the more popular ones by name by default. Xbox, Ps4 for example.
This guys got quite a few vector art based ones...

There CC By 3.00 license, so you can share if credit is given.

Oh and here is the 8bitdo Pro 2...